2012 Schedule


A Review of Pathology Informatics

Sponsored by the Association of Pathology Informatics (API)

Part I

LIS Basics: CP and AP LIS Design and Operations     View PDF   Walter Henricks

Imaging – Practical Stuff Every Pathologist Should Know   View PDF   John Sinard

Standards and Pathology Informatics   View PDF   Bruce Beckwith

Pathology Informatics and Project Management   View PDF  Mark Tuthill

Part II

A Day in the Life of an LIS Manager – The Real Story and Not for the Faint at Heart 

View PDF   Elizabeth Benson

Custom Software Development for Clinical Workflow Management   View PDF   John Sinard

LIS Interfaces: Basics, Implementation and Pitfalls   View PDF   James Harrison

Contracts for Laboratory Software Systems: What’s Included is Just as Important as What’s Not   View PDF   Alexis Carter

Review of the Strategic Summit and Overview of This Workshop   View PDF   Mark Tuthill

Total Laboratory Information System Functionality   View PDF   Bruce Friedman

Innovation in the LIS   View PDF   Ulysses Balis

Experiences with LIS-EMR Interfacing   View PDF   Walter Henricks 

Discussion of LIS Scope and Functionality Project   View PDF   Andrew Splitz,

Larry Wimberly


Roundtable Discussion around Current Version of the White Paper LIS Scope and Functionality Document

Mark Tuthill, Bruce Friedman, Walter Henricks, Ulysses Balis, Andrew Splitz, Larry Wimberly


HIMA Workshop


Introduction to HIMA   View PDF   Metin Gurcan


Segment Theme:  Visual Perception and Human Factors

The Leeds Virtual Pathology Project   View PDF   Darren Treanor

Appreciating the Role of Visual Perception & Human Factors in Whole Slide Image Evaluation   View PDF   Elizabeth Krupinski


Segment Theme:  Novel Pathological Image Analysis Techniques

Computational Image Analysis of Cancer Morphology to Build Prognostic Models and Biological Network   View PDF   Andrew Beck
Molecular Basis of Tumor Heterogeneity and Morphometric Subtypes in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)   View PDF   Bahram Parvin


Segment Theme:  Personalized Medicine in the 21st Century Via Digital Pathology

Parameter-Unlimited Real Time Stoichiometric Decoding of Five Thousand Protein Cluster Networks in a Single Diagnostic Tissue Section at Nanometer Resolution:  The Human Toponome Project

Walter Schubert  (Video and PDF Unavailable)

Digital Pathology:  Past, Present and Future

Richard Levenson



Wednesday Morning Scientific Sessions

View the session presentations


Wednesday Morning Breakout Sessions 

Clinical Information Management Track

System Support and Connectivity Track

Digital Imaging Track

Diagnostic Error and IT Strategies for Mitigating Risk

View PDF  Paul Epner

Positive Patient Identification

View PDF  Raymond Aller

Whole Slide Imaging: The Canadian Experience

View PDF  Sylvia Asa

Identifying and Resolving Failure Modalities in LIS/EHR

View PDF   Terri Darcy


BIRN Pathology Workbench and Virtual Slide Tools

View PDF   Karl Helmer

 Multiplexing and Image Analysis in Pathology

Richard Levenson

Relevance of Meaningful Use Rules for Lab Professionals 

View PDF   Walter Henricks


CDC Communication in Informatics Workgroup:  Update and Current Status

View PDF

Nancy Cornish and MariBeth Gagnon

 Whole Slide Imaging: Next Steps

View PDF   Steve Hewitt



Wednesday  Plenary Lectures


Theme: Personalized Medicine

Moderator:  Raymond Aller

Opening Welcome: Jay Hess

Chairman, Department of Pathology, University of Michigan

The Diagnostic Management Team:  How it Works and Its Clinical and Financial Implications

View PDF   Michael Laposata

The Roles of the Labs and IT in the Evolution of Precision Medicine

View PDF   Peter Dysert

Genomic and Molecular Pathology: The Pursuit of Content-Rich Reports

View PDF   Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson

Clinical Information Management Track

System Support and Connectivity Track

Digital Imaging Track

Clinical Outcomes and the Lab Database

View PDF   JiYeon Kim

Relevance of the Cloud for Lab Computing (no audio for first 7:40 minutes)

View PDF   Sonny Varadan


Lab Innovation Fueled by IT

View PDF   Myra Wilkerson

Lab Computing in a Developing Country

View PDF   Joy Mammen

 Whole Slide Imaging:

Faculty Panel and Audience Discussion




Thursday Morning Scientific Sessions

View Thursday Scientific Session Videos


Clinical Information Management Track

System Support and Connectivity Track

Digital Imaging Track


Ulysses Balis


Bruce Friedman


Liron Pantanowitz

Decision Support for Laboratory Order Entry

View PDF   Brian Jackson

Best-of-Breed LISs Versus Enterprise Wide Solution

View PDF   Bruce Friedman

Image-Guided Laser Microdissection:  Research and Clinical Applications

View PDF   Jason Hipp  

Using Laboratory Informatics to Stay Relevant and Enhance Value in an Outcome Focused World

View PDF

Anand Dighe and Jason Baron

Patient Portals For Laboratory Results: Conundrums and Care

View PDF   Alexis Carter

Experiences with Integrating WSI with the LIS to Drive Pathology Workflow

View PDF   Anil Parwani

Professional Education for the Future of Health Informatics

View PDF   Chuck Friedman

The CAP Cancer Case Summaries:  From Paper to PC

View PDF   George BirdsongPhilip Foulis

Digital Pathology Consultation: A Decade of Experience at UPMC

View PDF   Liron Pantanowitz

Crossing the “Omic” Chasm:  Experience from the eMERGE Consortium  View PDF  Justin Starren

Digital Revolution in Radiology   View PDF   Paul Chang

Clinical Information Management Track

System Support and Connectivity Track

Digital Imaging Track

Reference Labs and IT

View PDF   Thomas Tiffany

Pathology Images, DICOM, and LIS/PACS Integration

View PDF  Harry Solomon

 Effects of WSI on All Labs from a Workflow Perspective

View PDF   David McClintock 




Friday Plenary Lectures

Moderator:  Michael Becich

"Third Wave" of Genomics:  The Role of Pathology, Clinical Laboratories and Informatics

View PDF   Mark Boguski

The Pathology Informatics Roadmap for Implementing Cancer Personalized Medicine

View PDF   Michael Becich

Introducing the World to "Encoded Data" for Predictive Laboratory Medicine Results

View PDF   Ulysses Balis

Pathology Informatics Fellowships and the Future of Pathology Informatics

View PDF   John Gilbertson

Improving Lab Value:  Using the EMR for Better Utilization and Results

View PDF   Karen Kaul

Top Ten IT Trends and Their Relevance for Pathology and the Clinical Labs

View PDF   Robert Michel

Conference Recap and Summary     Michael Becich

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