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We cordially invite you to visit our booth to experience the unbeatable combination of innovation and tradition. We present to you the VisionTek® M6 Digital Microscope, designed for cytopathologists and hematopathologists with 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, adjustable Köhler illumination, fast scan speed of 1.5 min for 15 mm x 15 mm at 0.275 µm/pixels and time to view under 17 seconds for rapid remote live consultations.

Silver Level

Sectra Pathology PACS optimizes pathology workflow through a diagnostic viewer, unified integrations, and archiving. With full focus on end-user expe­rience and workflow efficiency, pathologists are able to make their diagnoses faster and easier through efficient image interaction, remote image viewing and image sharing for collaboration and second opinions.

Sectra provides industry-leading enterprise image management solutions comprising PACS for radiology, cardiology, and pathology, VNA and Cross Enterprise Workflow. Through 25 years of innovation and 1,700 installations, our experience in radiology has paved the way to deliver enterprise solutions that consolidate image handling and maintain workflow efficiency in the most image intense departments.


Silver Level

Visiopharm image analysis driven Quantitative Digital Pathology has become the preferred solution for leading biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic medical centers, research institutes, and hospitals all over the world. Recently, Visiopharm has expanded with VirtualDoubleStaining™ algorithms for automated tumor identification and Oncotopix® Diagnostics for cancer diagnostics, all of which is for CE-IVD application and works in a LIS driven workflow. 

Our software is featured in over 1100 scientific publications, and is compatible with leading slide scanner manufacturers and data management software. Visiopharm has grown into an international business with over 750 licenses and countless more users, in more than 30 countries.  Our growing network of authorized distributors and integration partners support the growth of Visiopharm solutions on several continents including North America, Europe and Asia.  Our headquarters is located in the Medicon Valley of Denmark and has a North America office in Broomfield, Colorado.

Silver Level

Voicebrook is the leading provider of speech recognition and digital dictation solutions in Pathology. VoiceOver® software integrates directly with all major Anatomic Pathology systems and has been widely deployed throughout the US and Canada.  Voicebrook’s software and services extend beyond core Dragon Medical® solutions and ensure the highest levels of success with speech recognition, while also providing the flexibility for users to choose between front-end speech recognition or traditional transcription workflows.  VoiceOver® can be deployed as an upgrade to a Dragon implementation, allowing sites to protect initial investments, and realize the full potential of speech recognition and complementary workflow technologies.

Bronze Level

Inspirata®, Inc. offers the most comprehensive cancer diagnostics workflow solution available for precision diagnosis today. The solution, which employs a unique “solution-as-a-service” business and delivery model, accelerates anatomic and molecular pathology workflows and facilitates whole slide imaging and image analytics, prognostic and predictive assays, remote consultations and tumor boards. This comprehensive solution includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to help to solve interoperability issues and a Natural Language Processing Engine (NLP) for structuring data. Inspirata amalgamates this structured data into a central multi-institutional and multi-modal big data cancer repository for clinical, research and educational purposes. Its use will extend to physicians, patients, researchers and pharma among others. This comprehensive solution facilitates a modern precision diagnosis to build a strong foundation for precision medicine. We call this transformation PathologyNEXT® and our solution includes:

  • Integrated Anatomic and Molecular Pathology Cockpit
  • Precision Medicine Decision Support Platform (Crosswalk)
  • Consultation Portal
  • Multidisciplinary Tumor Board Module
  • Computational Image Analysis and Predictive Assays
  • Cancer Information Data Trust and Big Data Analytics


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Bronze Level

Standard Molecular has developed Continuity GISTM, a Genomic Information System for molecular pathology.

Continuity GIS was designed for molecular pathology workflow management, variant analysis, annotation and sign-out, with HL7/XML discrete data integration with the EHR (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, etc.) and data repository.

Continuity GIS is the first purpose-engineered genomic Information system for molecular pathology and data integration across the health system.

Standard Molecular, Inc.

1 Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
Ph: 617-901-8989


Bronze Level

ViewsIQ is an imaging software company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for academic institutions, hospitals, and research laboratories. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the laboratory’s existing microscopy workflow, ViewsIQ’s Panoptiq™ digital imaging platform allows users to stitch together panoramic images and visualize 3D structures in real time at up to 100x to capture the full complexity of a microscope sample. At ViewsIQ, we are passionate about sharing our vision of modernizing educational and clinical practices with medical and scientific professionals around the world.  

Bronze Level

Visiun, Inc. is the leading provider of performance analytics to the laboratory industry.  Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Visiun has been providing services to the laboratory industry since 2010, with hundreds of laboratories installed across the United States.  Performance Insight™, Visiun's flagship product, provides laboratory managers with a comprehensive suite of analytics covering turnaround time, workflow, productivity, quality, test and blood product utilization, anatomic pathology, and many other areas key to operational efficiency in the laboratory.  Compatible with every major LIS on the market, Performance Insight provides laboratory management with the business intelligence and analytics to help their teams monitor key service commitments, delivering immediate improvements in performance, efficiency, and quality.  For more information, please visit


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