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Pathology Informatics Summit 2017

With pathology’s explosive growth of interest in big data, machine learning and the use of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) for primary diagnosis, to name just a few areas, there is greater need than ever before for a pathology informatics-centered meeting that addresses these areas with contemporary, high-quality educational sessions, designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners within the pathology informatics space.

This year’s program has a trove of what should be considered as “mandatory informatics learning” for anyone in a pathology leadership position, as there have been several recent developments that will be both disruptive and highly transformative in nature. The meeting is very excited by the participation of Dr. Richard Friedberg, CAP President, who will be giving the opening presentation, with an eye towards the future of pathology and pathology informatics.

Similarly, the recent FDA announcement concerning the new availability of a cleared scanning solution for primary diagnosis by WSI represents no less than a sea change for the field, and accordingly, this year’s agenda has been expanded to cover this field in detail, allowing for departments to quickly ramp up in their deployment of this new technology. The timing of this year’s summit is indeed serendipitous, as it arrives on the heels of the FDA’s recent announcement, providing interested members of pathology related fields with the soonest possible educational sessions concerning the deployment of this new workflow and technology layer.

Complementing this thematic focus is the close partnership that the meeting organizers have maintained with the FDA, enabling FDA scientists to actively participate within multiple sections of the meeting. Tuesday morning, FDA’s Dr. Brandon Gallas will be presenting an overview of a whole slide imaging working group (WSIWG) project investigating important aspects of WSI Technology. In addition, the FDA is once again conducting a WSI workshop, as a companion meeting to the overall summit, with this event being held during the Sunday afternoon preceding the meeting.

The combined topics of big data and machine learning are also extensively covered in this year’s multi-track program, with the goal of enabling practicing pathologists and laboratorians to effectively use these new powerful tools as quickly as possible. All in all, this year’s Pathology Informatics Summit is a meeting that anyone in a leadership executive or scientific position cannot afford to miss.

The full schedule for the PI Summit including the pre-conference meetings and workshops can be found HERE.


  • Two parallel tracks: Research Informatics, Applied Informatics, including Digital Pathology
  • Three workshops:
    • Comprehensive Informatics Review
    • HIMA Imaging Science 
    • Digital Imaging workshop sponsored by the DPA
  • Short abstract presentations and posters
  • Selected lectures from the submitted abstracts 

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